4 Best Fun Apps For Android

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4 Best Fun Apps For Android

Every person in this world must have properties like fun and ignorant to others, especially to their peers. This is done for just the fun and humor merely to entertain and delight.

Along the times and technology, a lot of media that can be used to bully your friends. One of them is the gadget that you have such a smartphone with Android Os. Now many developers who create applications for android ignorant that can make you confused when a friend borrow your phone.

Here the authors provide information regarding menjahili 4 android application for your friends;

1. Blue Screen of Death – BSOD

Android application with this simple feature is able to bully your friend, when opening the phone then your friend will be surprised to see a smartphone display turns blue as if he were experiencing a bluescreen or crash.

Install Aplikasi Blue Screen of Death [download]

2. Do not Touch My Droid

Applications ignorant in the next android comes from Chintan Radia named Do not Touch My Droid. If your smartphone is turned on by other people then this application will automatically send a message. Interested to try this app?

Install Aplikasi Don’t Touch My Droid [download]

3. Fake Error

Next is the application Fake Error, which this program will create a message or a false notification that you can set yourself sentence. Make a sentence that most make your friends so as not to recklessly borrow shock your mobile phone.

Install Aplikasi Fake Error [download]

4. Tap, Break & Shake

This latter application will make it appear as though the screen or your phone screen appear broken. This application will fool your friends and make a yes shocked. Want to try it?

Install Aplikasi Tap, Break & Shake [download]

Interested to try this app for android ignorant? Make your friends more shock again and good luck. Thank you

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