Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Marshmallow 6.0

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Marshmallow 6.0Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Marshmallow 6.0 – Clearly eventually latest 6.0 version of Android name was what his form after a long time a mystery and becomes a guessing media. All already know if the latest Android OS code named M dibelakangya wear, it’s just that no one knows continuation of M’s. There is a guess as Android Macadamia Nut Cookies, there is also the latest guess M as an extension of the “Milkshake” .  they searched for food lettered front M because since the era of Android Jellybean, kitkat until the current Android 5.0 all wear name Lollipop food as its official name.

Mashmallow Android launch is marked by the opening of the OS logo plaque sculpture in front of Google’s office in the mountain View California right on Indonesian Independence Day August 17, 2015. The statue was in the form of green robot that hold food white marshmallow on his back. Marshmallow own name as well as a reference to the name Lollipop candy sugar cylindrical kecil.Untuk Americans certainly not an unfamiliar name at all because they ate must have been commonplace in everyday life.

But for now Adroid users should be patient because since this time has not been released to everyone as it is still in developer preview form and is still in beta. Marshmallow likely Android will be officially worn around September 2015 ini.Tentu any new OS will bring a wide range of reforms from all sides. Here we present the advantages and disadvantages of Android Marsmallow who has just released a beta version includes features and security.

advantages and disadvantages of Marshmallow Android 6.0:


1. Android Pay
Although not new but they are promising change and ease in the digital payment system.


2. Support fingerprint scanner
although there are some of today’s latest smartphones are already equipped with security features fingerprint scanner or fingerprint scanner, but later with Android Marshmallow all can use these safeguards.

3. Efficient Battery
This latest Android will also promises not only maximum performance but still economical battery power so that battery consumption can be more efficient and more durable.

4. Support the fast charging

Marshmallow later Android is compatible with the latest USB port USB Type-C, one of which is the ability to transfer power more quickly. So even if a smartphone does not have a feature fastcharging if using Android marshmallows will still be able to feel the features handphone.

And of course there are several other advantages Android Marshmallow can not be discussed one by one like a smart assistant called “Now on Tap” which is a new version of Google Now.Lalu interface features and permissions of course there are some differences with the old.

Of course not only the advantages of this OS certainly also the most obvious kekuranganya the Android Marshmalow shortage is not yet available on all devices and the update of the old device to New definitely takes time.


For more details, such as what it will feature, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the system Android 6.0 Marshmallow more fully later we wait for news beredar.

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