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How to get money from Clash of Clans  – Main game aja happy, why do not you could getting money from gaming, especially gaming CoC. Well, for you gamers CoC, there are several ways you can do to get money from the gaming CoC. Money can you can be in a large or even a small amount, but that’s not the important thing. Origin can to buy credit aja, it is enough. So we can still play the game, but money can pulse of the game itself. With so could pocket money for other things.

Okay, just to 7 ways to make money from the game CoC.

selling-gems1. Selling Gems
The first way to earn money from the game CoC is by selling gems. If the first, when purchasing gems still have to use a credit card or a paypal account, selling gems can CoC selling well, thankfully too big. Just imagine, for 500gems the game shop price 56rb, can be sold until 80rb. Fortunately the really big. But because now buy gems are able to use pulses, selling gems may not be so in demand again. You already know how to use credit to buy gems CoC? If not, you can read here: How to Buy Gems CoC Pake Toll


2. Sales Account CoC
If you CoC holic, certainly can have more than one account. Some even deliberately livestock CoC account. TH continued later if already large accounts it is sold. Deh earn money from it. Who here already try this way ..? Hayo admit …: D

3. Sell account CoC
Well, the way is quite easy. You stay nawarin themselves to people who like selling CoC account to be jockeys to the accounts of the CoC their livestock. You’ll stay play game and choose charge until TH good and how you should Jokiin account. Deh money can no longer play the game of CoC.

4. Selling Clan
Just what clan could be sold ..? Fortunately what make the purchase ..? Look, it’s now also already existing clan level or often called a clan of perks, ranging from level 1 s / d 10. At every level clan level there are advantages that can be clan members. As with auto upgrade when the troops donate, etc. You can read the advantages of each clan level here: Clan Perks: This She Gain Each Level Level Clan.


So you just wake clan to a high level, when it’s high living you sell to people who want to buy. After traksaksi selling successfully, you just make the buyer as leader, keeps you out of the clan. The money can no longer play the game of CoC. Hehe

5. Members Clan Support Services
That is gini, you nawarin themselves to be drawn into a clan member. You’ll continue to support all existing clan members within a specified time at the beginning, ie the agreement a month. So during the month you have to fill all the requests troops clan members. So before the deal, first tentuin how you fare for a money

6. Participate CoC The Prize Money Tournament
This method is quite simple. You simply browsing on CoC tournament to be held, and then you follow the tournament. If you win, of course, you will get a prize, can be in the form of gems, or money.

7. Sale of Goods Related to CoC
You can sell goods that are still associated with CoC. CoC such as selling T-shirts, key chains, and even action figures. For you fans of action figures, there are now also already know action figure that looks super cool replica of troops CoC.

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