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Clash of Clans tiosHow to Rob Game Clash of Clans Easily – As I promised in my previous article that I would share how to rob another village is good and right. I have principles in robbing in the game clash of clans, namely using the smallest capital to earn as much as possible robbery.

How to get a lot of gold and elixir besides upgrading the mine is in a way robbing another village. Raiding is a quick way to collect gold, elixir, and dark elixir, faster than we mined.

I do not use troops weird when raiding villages. I use a combination of troops is barbarian, archer, goblins, and also wall breaker. For a number of combinations of his troops, I usually use 4 wall breaker and the rest is divided equally into the number three other troops are barbarian, archer, and goblins. To train a combination of troops as it requires less capital around 36000 elixir.

Choosing the Right Forces for Raiding in Clash of
troops that I often use to rob
Attacking formation is feeding the first five barbarian, then release the two wall breaker. After the wall collapsed, I remove half of the total barbarian, then half of the total number of goblins, then half of the total archer. Then I let go again all the barbarian left, followed by goblins and archer.

Why do I alternately like this? Because with this kind of troops will be stronger because of his cooperation would be the way. Gini, barbarian and archer’s target / attack all buildings, while only attacking goblins resources such as mines and storage.

While the archer attack barbarian and other buildings, goblins will work to collect a lot of loot to us by attacking mines and storage. Barbarian and this archer we make as a distraction or a shield of defense attack opponents so goblin spared from attack opponents defense.

Why do I use the 4 wall breaker? Because in order to break through the wall of an opponent from several sides. Although in fact it would be better if the attack from one side only. Maximum strength because the troops will be directed at only one point. But it only works best if the storage of gold and elixir enemy lies not separated. So we can all attack, but if fragmentary, of course, we will only be able to get the robbery little if attacked by one point method.

Easy Way to Rob Di Coc
attacking techniques from a single point, the strength of troops is maximized because fixed on one point


Tips for Resource In Game Clash Of Clans
attacking techniques to many points, so no maximum force troops

But sometimes gold and elixir storage enemies are not always empty. In some cases I was attacking all enemy mine alone I can already managed to get 90% of the loot (total loot if you win) is available. For me it is enough, I will not continue further attack. Because I look for when robbing it is gold, elixir, and dark elixir not thropi.

With a combination like this sometimes affectionately troops can get 100,000 gold and elixir plus hundreds of dark elixir. Imagine, all this I did with a capital of 36,000 elixir. I already get a return on investment plus a profit. But it’s not forever, sometimes I also lose because the proceeds could not cover the capital to attack. This happens because of miscalculation, I attack from many sides because targeting enemy mines laid separately, but it was mine enemies no overall loot its contents and the contents were placed in storage at the enemy in the middle between defensenya. It could also be because drool clay huge loot and does not account for the strength of the opponent defense, eventually died in vain exposed to slay the enemy defense.

The combination of such troops would be stronger if you’ve got a barbarian king and queen archer. Karna barbarian archer king and queen have her healthy level is quite high. In addition babarian archer king and queen can be defensive when we persist and can also be troops when we attack.

More delicious again, both the plug and play. That is once made a direct way and do not need to be made or re-train as other troops. But it still needs to be upgraded so to increase the power. Only two took a long time to recover and we can use to attack and survive longer.

Ways For You Not Attacked village Village Other
Else if your intention is not to rob, but only to collect thropi. To collect thropi or raise thropi you need a combination of forces more powerful than this. Clearly not a problem of capital is greater than the loot in the can as long as you win, is it your intention just to collect thropi doang.

While a good time to rob in coc it is difficult to predict. Because the clash of clans game players not only from Indonesia, but also from many countries with different time with Indonesia. If the players clash of clans that’s just come from Indonesia, we can rob at the time of the clasher (designation for gamers coc) is resting, for example, at 12 pm to 5 am.


At the time of the robbery will be more because the players have not had time to move mining products to storage or resources have not been used to build other buildings. But because the players coc come from many countries with different time, could be a moment in our country is at 7 am, in other countries already at 9, 10, 11 and others. Whereas in the selection of enemies as attach the random system, so we picked out the enemy from a variety of countries, not of one country, so it is rather difficult to determine a good time to Rob di game clash of clans.

That was the way to rob in coc game is good and right in order to get a lot of plunder gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

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