Why Fail to Root an Android Phone ?

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failed Rooting an Android phone ? Because there are some restrictions on when you want to remove and install some apps or from your Android phone, you need to root your Android before you can do that. However, the progress of your Android rowing was somewhat complex until we rooting a number of third-party tools that you can use them to wipe your phone with simple steps. Sometimes you can not root your Android phone for a number of reasons. These reasons are different and today I’ll show you five of them. You can figure out the factors that failure for you to make your phone Root Cause.

1. The version of the rooting system Unmatches the phone Model
There are several versions of rooting system corresponding to different versions of the OS, as well as phone models. If you got the compatible version of root tool to your phone, it is more likely to fail rooting for you.

2. The Root Package
Most Android devices support OTA or ICS upgrade, you can copy and OTA ICS to the SD card and upgrade them. You can wipe your Android by flashing your phone.

3. Recovery Mode
Some rooting tools require you to flash your phone under recovery mode, if you’re not after trying for many times, you can see the recovery mode to perform before rooting. Press the “Volume -” and the “Power” button simultaneously for a while, you can enter the Recovery Mode.

4. The Phone Driver
Many working rooting instruments, unless it is connected. You must install before rooting the phone driver.

5. The PC system
Some rooting tools work by flashing the phone with Windows XP Mode. For users of Win 7 or Windows 8, they need to set their PCs to the “XP compatibility mode”.

Upstairs are five possible reasons for you to fail in rooting your phone. If you want your phone, backup your Android phone first root on your PC. Otherwise you will lose them forever.

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