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Benchmark your Android phone or tablet – How much do you know about your phone, really? Aside from a name, price, and vague sense of whether it’s “high end” or not, you’re probably in the dark. Even if you look up the statistics, you do not really know how it performs. The only sure way to know is to run a few benchmarks.

This gives not only an idea of ​​how fast the phone, but also lets you see how the first to marketplace rivals or older phones, and can help you troubleshoot problems by comparing against similar phones . Do not worry, benchmarking your Android phone is easy and inexpensive. All of these tools are free, fun to use, and some are beautiful enough to show off to friends.

Setup and Prep

Before benchmarking your phone or tablet, you want to fully charge, then kill all the background tasks in the multitasking menu. You do not want anything to interfere with the tests, so you might want to put it in airplane mode to avoid retrieving e-mail or receive calls.


Samsung task manager of KitKat – Kill ’em all.

Make sure the temperature is not too hot, as the difference in the results can be dramatic. If you run a bunch of these tests in a short time and find the device is getting really hot, so to attack the benchmark scores, trying to remove heavy cases Otterbox Defender’s. They act as insulation.

Results can include using the app online databases (almost all benchmarks have one), or take screenshots of scores for reference later. Just do not do during the benchmark. In fact, not at all during a test run the machine. None of these apps take a long time to run. Put it down, press start and wait.

interpret the results

Do not expect the test results to tell you everything. Founded designs sometimes perform better than newer replacements due to better cooling or highly tuned code. Larger devices such as tablets simply have more space to play with, allowing the use of faster, more power-hungry chips.
Also in the game are manufacturer and carrier Android add-ons that make a big difference in how quickly a device can feel. The HTC One (M8) is not the fastest Snapdragon processor, but its slickly tuned interface makes sense from the top shelf. Samsung’s TouchWiz has the opposite effect, the introduction of an occasional pause or hiccup that can make their hardware designs seem less cutting edge than they really are.
And of course, the fastest phone is not necessarily the best. You need to size, design, materials, camera quality, sound quality, and to consider more.


The HTC One M8 punches above its hardware class due to careful tuning OS and HTC’s light touch with its Sense UI.

Gamers have unique needs when it comes to performance. Super high-density displays are easy on the eyes, but it is difficult for small, low-power mobile graphics processors to make games run smoothly at very high resolutions. Displays skyrocket to 4K, selecting a device with a fast graphics processor and a slightly lower screen can help these demanding 3D games smoothly.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 packs a pixel density screen, but offers the GPU horsepower to quickly drive.

The majority of the benchmarks here are also available for non Android operating systems. Cross-platform benchmarks are useful because they view a satellite where your hardware live in the rest of the world of technology. Sure, it’s nice to know that your tablet as soon as an iPad Air 2, but it is equally interesting to know how it compares to a thin and light laptop.


Benchmark information screens have detailed breakdowns on the guts of your device.


3DMark reigns for PC gamers and has made impressive progress on other platforms as the de facto standard for 3D benchmarking. The free Android version is equipped with a flashy demo reel as well as physics and GPU test the “Ice Storm” module of the Windows suite, while adding a number of mobile-specific questions, such as battery life tests.


Even PC gamers who recognize this battle will look impressed at it on a super AMOLED screen in more than 300 pixels per inch.

The usage is simple push button. The results will be shared online via Futuremark’s cloud database and web comparison system. It is easy to see where you are on the ladder, and although this feature is not exclusive, Futuremark has made it a lot longer than anyone else here, so the tool to compare, record and share its mature and well executed.


You can make your tablet or phone to virtually any computing device in the last 5 years, unless it’s a Mac.

follow CPU test results compare to real world usage but are more focused on gaming taxes than daily operations. The battery test is useful, but has the same limited scope. It only gives you an idea of ​​how long your device will last while pushing pixels as hard as it can.

GFXBench 3.0

3DMark is not the only game in town when it comes to mobile GPU benchmarking. GFXBench arrived early in the history of Android and provides more detailed results than Futuremark’s flagship. It is also smaller; a great advantage when space is at a premium and your phone or tablet does not support removable media.
GFXBench is all about the details, and the developers they serve page after page. You get more than frame rates, and the numbers are not abstractions. Driver overhead digits, which test the quality, accuracy, and gain calculating the performance of all the attention, which GFXBench beyond gaming and graphics deep into geek territory. Just like 3DMark, you also get access to a cross-platform database that extends to desktop systems, but GFXBench to any Mac users in the cold.


Unlike 3DMark, GFXBench supports the Mac, so you can burn your Apple envy or release would on your disdain.

Accurate results aside, looking at certain areas of the test decidedly low rent these days. Objects, effects, lighting and other aesthetic need a makeover.


This poor T-Rex never seems to catch a meal. Maybe he has more polygons.

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