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Hi guys, do you know how to navigate properly Gems in Clash Royale? Let’s now talk about this topic. I got a lot of questions on this issue in recent years. I hope that this guide is good enough to satisfy you. In addition, I want to give many thanks to The Rum Ham for helping me finish this tutorial (it is the top 1 player in the game right now).

How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

How should I spend gems Clash Royale

First, let’s take a look at our chests, which can be found or bought in Clash Royale:

Name Unlocking time of Gem Timer Description
Silver Chest 3:00 18 Gems The lowest card, the most common. You can get a rare, epic or legendary cards, but they are extremely rare.
The Golden Chest 8:00 48 Gems Quite popular, you can usually get one after every 5 wins. You can always get a rare card from the Golden Chest. Epic and Legendary cards are quite rare. Crown chest, most likely the same as the Golden Chest
the Giant Chest 12:00 72 Gems Giant Chest It is a stretched version of the Golden chest. You get a lot of the community cards, a few rare cards, and a small chance of Epic / Legendary cards.
Magic Chest 12:00 72 Gems You can get more epic and legendary cards from Magic chest. How sweet!
Super Magic Chest 24 hours 144 Gems Tons of common and rare cards, a pair of epic maps, some legendary cards !

, you can look at here to find out more about Larry.

I do not want to buy any gemstone!

If you do not want to buy any gem and want to be free to play in the Clash Royale.
Your goal in the game need to get Level 3 epic maps, level 6 Rare cards and 8-level community cards, as well as to get to Arena 7 to unlock all the cards. It is very achievable to freely reproduced players. To do this, you need to:

  • You’re not going to make regular purchases, because it’s free to play. Save Gems and use them religiously for 1-2 game-changing future purchases.
  • 500 Use gems to purchase 10,000 Gold. You can save up to 100 of the 1000 Gems Gold Bundle, doing this. Use gold to upgrade your cards in the near future, you will find it extremely difficult to have enough gold in your progression.
  • Do not forget to visit the shop every day, spend your gold to buy some rare cards every day, as the first ones are very cheap, you can even donate them and make a profit. You can buy cards Epic If you are really looking for him.
  • Just focus on only one Epic card you really want. Buy it 6 times, and you can get it at level 3. That is 2000 × 6 = 12, O00 Gold.

Buying a large trunk are very inefficient, because you are not guaranteed to get what you want. In addition, after that, you can not even have enough gold to upgrade your cards that you have opened.


I can sometimes buy Gems

  • One purchase gems can last for several weeks or even months before you from precious stones.
  • After the purchase of precious stones, you should immediately buy a pack of Gold (gold or 10,000 or 100,000 gold). Simply save the rest of your precious stones.
  • Use Gems to open Larry, when you are full of chests.

The most common complaint I’ve seen so far in this Clash Royale players feel they have blocked the chest line is completely filled. 1 Gem Clash Royale in about a penny, so you pay a quarter to open a silver chest. This is better than the open bins in the store. Opening Larry, when your breasts are full line is much cheaper (it’s a 50% discount on Larry). You need to spend 80-120 Gems buy Golden Larry in the store, but you just need to Spen 48 gems to speed up the timer. At 8 Arena, speeding Magic box only costs 72 gemstones that is more than 90% cheaper than buying in the store.
If you want to optimize this a bit, open Silver Gel during the day and keep Gold, Giant Magic or chests for overnight stays, how can you get the best offer for the best trunks.

When should I buy bins in the store?

Although the purchase of bins in the store is very inefficient, but it’s the fastest way to level up and you get all the cards in the game.
, you can reach the 5th level of the game for about a week, and you can learn how to play the game during that time. Just rushing to a high level is not suitable. These cost estimates I made in the case, if you want to level up as quickly as possible (provided that you can earn some gold every day from free Lari)

  • Level 5 to 6: $ 25 ( $ 25 total, F2P takes 2 weeks)
  • The level of 6 to 7: $ 50 ($ 75 total, F2P takes 1 month)
  • The level of 7 to 8: $ 150 ($ 225 total F2P takes 2 months)
  • The level of 8 to 9: $ 250 ($ 475 total F2P takes 4 months)
  • level 9 and 10: $ 500 ($ 975 total F2P is 8 months)
  • level 10 to 11: $ 1,000 ($ 2,000 total, F2P is 16 months)
  • level 11 to 12: $ 2,000 ($ 4,000 + total, F2P takes 32 months)

When should I buy a card at the store?

Although it depends on your gold, but the first 3 community cards, the first two cards and the first Rare Epic card, definitely worth the money. If you have purchased 100,000 of gold with precious stones to give a second Epic Card for 3600 Gold is also quite worth it. It is much better than waiting for the next time you see it in the store (about 1 month). Sometimes, I buy rare cards to 150 Gold If this is a good card and the community cards to 20 Gold If I really want to update it.

Clan Donations?

Just donate whenever you can. You need gold and XP more than a card. I am writing this before, you can earn up to 4200 Gold every week If your clan is active. You can read more about that here.


Okay, so that’s all. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share it with your friends and fellow Clan If you’ve found this helpful guide, that will help a lot in this blog, as the Clash Royale just released Global today!

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