The Best Cards and The Worst Cards in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale
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The best map for modernizing and worst cards to ignore

top 10 common and rare card

Best common and rare cards

  1. Arrows – Arrows have always been among the most widely used card in the game and on all levels of the game. This is a very high value card as it stands only 3 elixir and almost always can provide you with the Elixir advantage, using it properly. It has a very large radius, allowing DPS to several forces at once. Imagine using the arrows on the card Minion horde of goblins with spears and that will instantly give you a profit of 4 Elixir. So it is not surprising that the arrow card is among one of the most popular cards in the game
  2. Barbara -. Card Barbara has always been a popular card and very good card, as well. For the price of only 5 of the elixir, you can call the 4 powerful Barbarians. In order to demonstrate their strength together, on one level Barbarian 8 has 579 hp and 96 DPS. Thus, with four of them in total 2316 HP 384 and DPS, any other card in the game you do not give importance. Now what makes Barbara is not that offensive potential, but they are as good defense. They are able to win some of the most powerful offensive combinations in a game that includes Hog Rider, Prince, Pekka, Goblem, a giant skeleton, and so on. So again, it’s really no wonder why you see so commonly used Barbarians Royale on television all the time
  3. Hog Rider -. Hog Rider is undoubtedly the best offensive cards in the game. He has a very decent the HP, it is very fast, powerful, and can go right to your Arena Tower. What makes it very annoying card to stop when you do not have a few buildings. Not only is the worst aspect of Hog Rider, in my opinion, is that it costs only 4 Elixir! Thus, it can have detrimental effects in the game, when you made a small lead Elixir
  4. Spear Goblins -. Spear goblins among the cheapest card in the game and come with a high value return. This may be the first card you play without spending so much of the elixir to scout the enemy. Three Goblins Spear together to make for a strong air targeting combo behind the tank, such as Giant or Golem. They are a great way to make a profit with the elixir. Just use them to protect your Arena tower, you can make the most profit in the elixir. For example, say your opponent sends Pekka mini, you can simply use the goblin spear to inflict damage and divert and with your Arena Tower also assist in the defense, you can quickly kill Mini Pekka Elixir 2 and take the lead. Or you can even let your opponent Baby Dragon Arena orient tower, but put on the side of the Spear goblins to quickly kill a baby dragon. Thus, you lose some HP in your league tower, but you get 2 Elixir profit and still have all your goblins Spear at full health. So yes, it is a card made to win
  5. Archers -. Like Lance goblins, but cost more than 1 Elixir. However, the cost is given by the fact that they are more superior. They do more damage and have a much greater value HP. For example, the level of 8 100 the HP Spear goblins, while the level of 8 archers 241. Spear Goblins get one shot, arrows, Baby Dragon, Wizard, the Zap, and many other cards, but archers do and what makes special archers. However, at a high level of play, the archers are quickly gave way to the Princess Card
  6. Goblins -. Goblins are also among one of the best cards in the game because of how cheap they are, only 2 Elixir! While they do crazy damage together. For example, three levels with 8 Goblins do 261 damage per second, making them an excellent defense. With just 2 cost Elixir, you can quickly get a large profit Elixir. You will often see the Goblins and Spear used Goblins among the best players in the game
  7. Master -. Master is one of the best one of cards in the game due to the fact that he can make. It has a very decent DPS and what makes it special is the fact that it deals damage from splashes. He’s a great card to beat spammers hut and some of the most frequently used maps in the game, such as barbarians and Minion Horde. The only other splash attacking card that can gear the troops Baby Dragon and Witch. Nevertheless, both the baby Dragon and Witch card is much weaker than the master, so they struggle to beat the cards, such as Minion Horde time. And so, that’s what makes it such a good master, and an important card. This is mainly outclasses musketeer because of its ability to make a splash damage
  8. Fireball -. Fireball card is another excellent card for the winners. People often misuse the card and use it for orientation Arena Towers. What makes Fireball is one of the best cards in the game is its high profit potential great elixir. This card is intended for use as a protective cap. It is best to stick to use against military force. For example, Fireball is a great counter against the often barbaric card. Since it is the elixir of 4 using Fireball on Barbara at any time is always a good idea. However, it is even a good idea to wait and use Fireball on barbarians and support troops behind him to maximize his profits. For example, if someone uses the barbarians, they are going to most likely pair of barbarians with another squad, such as ranged attacker. So you have to wait until the barbarians do not have it to the side and see if your opponent has a pair of barbarians with another squad, and then you drop a Fireball on all of them. The main objective of the fireball is the exact time and drop it, something you will learn to master the experience of
  9. Minion Horde -. Like barbarians, Minion Horde one more monstrous map both defense and offense. It is very often used the card because many powerful cards, it’s fast counter. Minion Horde is definitely one of the best defenses in the game. However, unlike the Barbarians, minion horde can be one-shot arrows ,. But it is quick card and can often withstand a great threat, before your opponent can even play cards Arrow
  10. Tesla -. Tesla is one of the most powerful defense in the game, and only costs 4 elixir. Not only that, it can avoid damage spells area maps, hiding underground. Although to make the game more fast paced, Supercell decided NERF all fortifications in the consistency of their “crime under protection” philosophy. However, Tesla still remains as perhaps the best defensive building in the game.

Now, if you guys are wondering what the best card Epic and should get to work on, I’m going to give you guys my top 5.

5 best Epic card

Best Clash Royale Epic Cards

  1. Baby Dragon – The Baby Dragon will be my choice as the most versatile and useful Epic card in the game. Certainly not the most powerful card, but it can fit into almost any deck. It is bulky, so you can use your remote attackers behind him. This makes splash damage and may be designed as a ground and air forces, it is important to defeat the hordes of spammers and huts. Two other troops that can cause damage to splash and air targets are wizard and a witch, but what makes the Baby Dragon more attractive option is that it costs only 4 elixir while witches and wizards is 5. And Baby Dragon much voluminous, and not to faint Fireball is
  2. Prince -. At the Hog Rider, Prince is also one of the best offensive cards in the game because of the strength and speed and its ability to deal double damage during charging. Not only that, he is very versatile due to its very decent HP. This means that you can use it to protect, as well as a couple of his long-range attackers
  3. Dark Prince. – Like his brother, the Dark Prince is also one of the best offensive cards in the game. Prince weak to hordes of low HP armies, but the Dark Prince is not so, he can deal Splash Damage and kill them all at once. However, it is not as powerful as a prince, but his ability to do damage from the spray is very important. Its bulkiness also makes it a very versatile card for protection. Not to mention, it costs only 4 Elixir, which is 1 less than his brother
  4. Golem -. Golem is definitely one of the best cards in the game. Unfortunately, Golem is also one of the most expensive cards, $ 8 for an elixir. But this is justified because of its very high the HP, damage, death, and the ability to generate Golemites after his death. All this only makes it one of the best Epics
  5. Poison -. Poison Spell dangerous defensive card that not only slowly killing their enemies and slows their speed. Best of all, it costs only 4 elixir, which is very necessary, when used against low HP and deceleration forces cumbersome troops and win the Elixir compromises. Remember that your Arena Tower also helps to protect, with the combination of poison and your Arena Tower, you can win big compromise on the protection of Elixir, making Poison very dangerous card.

So those are my top 5 Epic cards. Now, finally, I’m going to tell you guys with 5 worst cards in the game, you will probably be ignored.

5 worst card ignore

Worst Cards in Clash Royale

  1. Royal Giant – The Royal Giant is one of the worst cards game. He stands 6 elixir and super super slow and weak. It’s amazing that he far cracker, but it goes against his very decent HP. You can not use your other ranged attackers for him because Royal Giant is going to want to be left behind all of your troops. Not only that, it is meant for the buildings, which is great, but the problem is that it is simply too low DPS
  2. Rage -. The Rage Spell is an awesome spell at the Battle of birth. However, in the Clash Royale, with the Rage Spell problem is, it is not the power of your troops, it only gives them the speed. Thus, they should probably rename this card to casting speed, because that is what it is. This card is not just a good spell even slow troops, such as Pekka, Giant Skeleton, and balloon. And it is because of all these forces is still very easy to distract. And furious spell only gives a speed increase of 35%, which, in my opinion, is not enough
  3. The Three Musketeers -. Three Musketeers is one of the most powerful cards in the game, but at the same time is one of the worst of cards in the game. And the reason for this is that costs 10 Elixir of use. So basically you’re going to have to spend all the elixir on the Three Musketeers call. And all you have to do to confront them just throw one ball of fire, which is 4 elixir. It’s just not worth 10 elixir to cause 3 Musketeers
  4. Skeleton Army -. Skeleton Army a good defense, but it’s just a terrible crime, as well as one-shot arrows and Zap Spell. He outclassed by the tombstone and Barbara. He gets one every shot, splash attacker. And with the help of your Arena Tower Defense, it’s just super easy and fast to stop the skeleton army. So, yes, in fact, not a card, which I would put my money on
  5. Valkyrie -. Valkyrie is not a scare card, but a high level of play, it becomes quickly surpassed the Dark Prince. Like Valkyrie, The Dark Prince splash cracker land, but this is just a whole lot better. Not only that Valkyrie is not really as great as splash bulky attacker because of its inability to air targets troops. Thus, it also becomes outclassed baby dragon. And so, because of the baby dragon and the Dark Prince, it’s just not worth upgrading your Valkyrie in the long run.

So my list, most of which is my opinion, so if you guys do not agree with me about something, then feel free to comment below your comment. I hope this helped out a lot, so do not forget to give this video thumbs up and subscribe for more great content Clash Royale. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys again soon. Later!

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