Three apps to make your Android phone battery more longer

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Apps for your Android phone battery even longer – phones and tablets die. It is a fact of life and one that we must all inevitably our daily routines around plans. But sometimes you can not. There is not always an open plug lying around an extra battery. This is why you need to plan ahead.

To avoid how often you are faced with the untimely death of your handheld, we completed three of our favorite apps that can help you come out a little more time on the lithium cell.

GSAM Battery Monitor

GSAM accurately monitors battery life and provides alarms to alert you when things are going south.

GSAM Battery Monitor might not be the best app to look at, but it is one of the most effective battery monitoring applications and one of the most popular in the Google Play Store. Not only does it tell you exactly how much juice you have left based on both current and past use, but it also comes with the “App Sucker ‘, a powerful tool that hunts which apps are precious energy draining the phone.

the “App Sucker” you can see the apps suck dead. Sort of.

GSAM Battery Monitor you can also set up custom device power profiles and see historical averages over time. you can alarms, so the app will alert you when your battery is overheated, for example, or if it falls below a certain percentage. and it comes packed with a few handy widgets, in addition to a Notification panel indicator that lets you know exactly how much juice you have left.

If your phone is rooted, you can GSAM Battery Monitor root companion app to access detailed wake lock sensor and provides usage statistics to help you really download a restriction on the cause of what happened to eating battery life. There is also a Professional Edition for tablet users.


Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru is indeed an app hawked by Qualcomm, but considering the majority of the flagship devices in the US market run on a Snapdragon something-or- other Snapdragon Battery Guru is free to download to check what is happening under the hood worth.

Snapdragon’s Battery Guru will make your system zen.

Snapdragon Battery Guru does not require user configuration on your part. It automatically adapts to what your usage pattern, so it learns what goes wrong when your battery starts to flounder. The app will first launch in “learning mode” to learn how to use the machine, adjust incrementally according to your usage pattern. It may take a few days, even weeks before it really is accurate, however. But the payoff is worth it.
Snapdragon Battery Guru also offers individual program settings. You can manually set how much power each app, so that the least used apps only to battery life as she asked, instead of constantly working in the background.


Greenify used to be a root-only app, but now it is gloriously open to everyone. The app is intended to brave “greenify” device, that is, to kick the offending suck battery apps to the curb. You can use this permission to do so by selecting the offensive apps and then force them into sleep mode, which cuts all the background functionality even provide push notifications. There is also an automatic sleep function that automatically shut suck the juice apps, but it must be enabled in the experimental feature settings and is available only if you run Android 4.1 and higher.

Be green to your phone and cut off those apps that use of available battery power.

Greenify also warns against hibernation alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps, and other apps that you finally appeal to all day, although it did not completely shut down apps; When you un-hibernate an app, it’s almost like reviving a saved state instead of launching an app from scratch.

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