What is Cloud Agent Android on Samsung

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About Cloud Agent Android

It’s Samsung software, built into the system in certain Samsung phones. Like the Dropbox app, it’s a service to automatically upload photos you take on your phone; it connects to your “Samsung account” if you create one. It also integrates with Dropbox to sync photos to the device Gallery; if you have “Camera upload” turned on in Dropbox as well, this probably results in your phone having two copies of each photo: the usual one, and one in CloudAgent’s storage.


You can change its settings by going into the main Settings app and choosing Cloud from the Applications manager list (in the Device section). You can clear its data and disable it, or “freeze” the app if your device is rooted, and the only consequence is that photos from Dropbox won’t show up in Gallery. If you have the Dropbox app installed as well, Dropbox can still sync (and automatically upload photos) without CloudAgent running.

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How to fix Cloud Agent Android error

Here’s the solution:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Galaxy Note 2 (same as other device), and from there to Application Manager.

Step 2: In the Application Manager, you should find a service named CloudAgent either under Running or under All.


cloudagentstoppederror3 apkfreeze

Step 3: Here’s what I did in this step, and you might as well follow the same order:

Force stop the service.
Disable it.
Clear Cache.
Clear Data.
Enable it.


Step 4: The simplest step of all: Restart the device.

I went through the above steps once, and haven’t seen that error since then, irrespective of the app or the way I have used the phone.

I would, however, stop short of calling this a perfect solution or the only solution. It worked for me, and I hope it works for you too. But you shouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t; Android’s flexibility means that it comes with its own quirks and you might need to try different things.

If you are a Galaxy Note 2 owner who has encountered this error, or maybe you own some other device that showed the same error, and fixed it by following a different set of steps then I urge you to share them in the comments below. It’ll help readers for whom the above steps don’t work out.

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