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Only Extreme Call Blocker app that capable of blocking voicemail on Lollipop (android 5.0). Text message blocking works on Kitkat (Android 4.4). New features. Do Not Disturb widget button to quickly block all calls. New blocking features. Allow the call to ring through, but prevent it from leaving voice mail. New feature: block outgoing text messages (Android 4.4 and above).


extreme-call-blocker-android-apkfreeze extreme-call-blocker-apk-screenshot-2

What’s New

  • Fixes for crash, notification, and password issues.
  • •New feature:Implemented low profile mode to reduce power and memory usage
  • •New feature:New private msg box that can send/receive MMS
  • •New feature:Updated and simplified settings
  • •New feature:Remove the requirement to download another app for message blocking
  • •Bug fix:Call hang up fix for android versions lower than 4.0
  • •Bug fix:Added Strip unicode option for the messaging app




Download & Links

Extreme Call Blocker v30. APK (6.0 MB) | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

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